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With a rich and proven track-record of highly successful innovation, we are on course to set a new standard in global entertainment. The following videos outline the various technologies that we consider essential to making this a highly successful and long-lived venture.

Short Demo

Just a few quick highlights that illustrate the qualified progression of our ability to deliver on our promise of technical vision and innovation. There simply is no other company in the world that packs as much high-end talent into such a small and agile package. By staying small and thinking big our world-wide distributed workforce consistently out-perform much larger companies who's size and corporate bloat prevent them from keeping up with market needs.


Widely considered the first GeoSpatial platform (Game), Ingress was initially developed and published by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android devices a global intel-gathering system, but due to its continued growth and popularity, is now in nearly every country with millions of avid players.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a 2016 augmented reality mobile game developed and published by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android devices as part of a collaboration between Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. It uses the mobile device GPS to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokémon, which appear as if they are in the player's real-world location. Although the game is free to play, it uses a freemium business model and supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items. The game launched with around 150 species of Pokémon, which had increased to around 500 by 2019.

Augmented Reality Production

Here is a quick overview of some of the numerous AR-based creation methods that I've developed and used in major productions. There are quite a few more that I would be glad to share, but this is a good cross section that shows a lot of the components that will be crucial realizing our goals.

Poto-Adventure App

The Walking With Dinosaurs Photo Adventure app was the first globally-branded AR app in the world. The press and word of mouth that it generated helped us raise over $85 million dollars to make the Walking With Dinosaurs 3D motion picture. Although I wrote this app back in 2011, it is still being downloaded and enjoyed today.

WonderBook WWD

With several high-profile console games to our credit, Sony Playstation was the perfect fit for our immersive AR WonderBook experience. Designed for kids, it could be played in both passive Augmented Reality by just sitting in front of a television with the WonderBook, or in full VR using the Sony Playstation headset. It was hugely popular, but since it didn't need to use a headset, it ended up costing Sony more than the game brought in. Despite overwhelming popularity, it was discontinued.


Vuzix is one of the leaders in AR for defense applications who I've worked with on projects for numerous defense contractors including Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Their new line of glasses are aimed at competing with the upcoming Apple AR glass that should be out later this year. The competition between these two vendors should have a very positive effect on the market and bring a lot of the wayward enterprises such as Microsoft (HoloLens), and MagicLeap to their knees.

And here's the latest on 5G

Perhaps the most important enabling technology for our plans of world domination is 5G. Easily misunderstood, here is a no-nonsense explanation that lays out the true potential of this platform that we will be staking a major claim to. In addition to being an early adopter, we will be in a position to monetize this massive technology break-through without any real competition in the Game/Theatrical AR market for several years.


We are in a magical time with expanding opportunities to connect with audiences in meaningful ways. There are many new approaches to looking at personified AI through lenses that didn’t even exist a year ago.

Marlon Brando
First Celebrity Digital Double

Character creation has come a long way since I made Marlon Brando in the late 80's. What once took weeks and wheelbarrows full of money to accomplish, can now be done in an afternoon with relatively inexpensive gear.

Marlyn Monroe
For a Super Bowl GTE Commercial

Perhaps the most important component of modern virtual characters is their evolution into cognizance, as they increasingly become much more relevant inhabitants of both the virtual worlds we are building and our everyday lives.

Tony Robbins,
AI Cognizant Virtual Human

Easily one of the most ambitious projects in both virtual human replication and Cognizant AI, Virtual Tony is scheduled to take over the famed motivational speaker’s workload and provide one-on-one council for his followers.

AI That Innovates

From the first digital celebrity (Marlon Brando), to the thousands of characters that we’ve made for games, movies, and commercials; technology that we helped develop now defines this industry.

Early HoloTube Demo

This is an early HoloTube demo of a localized AI Concierge system for a new resort that is being built in Las Vegas and a cruise ship line.

Oscar Nominated AI Technology

Using AI characters and a machine learning semantics engine, we created a narrative prototyper that could build a scene, block the actors, create camera angles, and edit a complete movie using only an annotated script and some pre-built digital assets. With the advent of 5G and advances in Spatial GeoLocation technology, AR-capable viewing tools, and personified AI, these semi-autonomous characters can populate the entire globe and interact with people in any language and location in a deeply personal way.

We solve big problems

Our AI Robotic Elder-care program, created in response to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) initiative, is widely regarded as a seminal innovation in the emerging framework of global healthcare.

Our little guy is real AI ...

... and so much smarter than he looks. Most people know that IBM Watson beat the best players on Jeopardy back in 2011. Since then, Watson has gone to medical school; two of them to be exact, and is widely considered to be the best diagnostician in the world.

Retail Store Application

This public-facing pilot program for one of our clients provides customers with the discreet confidentiality necessary for honest and discriminating discussions of sensitive health issues while simultaneously formatting a personalized analysis of complicated technical health issues into easy-to-understand, actionable guidelines.

Historical Precedent

Many of the technologies that we take as commonplace today were in their nascent stages in the early 90’s. This clip from the the popular Beyond 2000 television series is a good example of just how far we’ve come.
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