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Scott Billups


Award-winning cinematographer, visual effects creator, game developer, and author of seven top-selling books on advanced media production, Scott Billups is widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s premier visionaries. A world leader in the creation of digital doubles and AI virtual humans, Scott’s long list of innovations have earned him a reputation for what WIRED Magazine calls: “Hollywood's baddest pixel-packing cowboy, riding on the fringes of an industry that views him with interest, admiration, and some degree of incomprehension.”


Benjamin Anderson

President / Head of Production

Benjamin Anderson is a multi-award-winning producer for both television and feature films, most recently serving as the Executive Vice President of development and production at Phoenix Pictures. Widely considered to be one of the ‘new generation’ of Hollywood power-brokers, Ben’s reputation for producing highly popular and profitable movies and TV shows is usually reserved for the elder statesmen of the industry. Prior to Phoenix, Ben was an entertainment attorney for a leading talent & literary agency as well as a Creative Executive for Dan Laikin at National Lampoon. Benjamin started in the business working at Quentin Tarantino’s company A Band Apart.


Flint Dille

Screen Writer / Game Designer

Flint Dille serves as Creative Lead at Niantic Labs (Ingress and Pokémon Go) and was named by the Writer’s Guild of America as the Most Published Game Writer in the World. Flint has twice won 'Game Script of the Year' for Riddick and Dead to Rights with noms for Ghostbusters and Dark Athena, as well as multiple platinum game titles.  Flint personally worked with Stan Lee on the Avengers, Spiderman and Captain America and has written four feature films: Transformers, Venom, Starship Troopers, and American Tail which Steven Spielberg produced. Flint has also written four interactive novels, five regular novels, graphic novels, and comic books.


Matt Codd

Concept Artist / Production Design

Matt Codd is considered by many to be the top concept artist in the world. His award-winning work on Guardians of the Galaxy, Man of Steel, Spider-Man, Hunger Games, Transformers, Fantastic Four, Clash of the Titans, Apocalypto, Men in Black, and his Emmy-winning work on Game of Thrones represent only a handful of his outstanding accomplishments. Matt’s game credits are equally impressive with art direction and concept art for massive titles like Titanfall and Call of Duty. While the screenwriter weaves the narrative, it is the concept artist that creates the visuals that linger in our memories and truly become the brand.


John Munro

EVP of Immersive Media

World-Famous for his Experiential Design projects such as the immersive opening of the 2012 Olympic Games, John Munro has become recognized as a master of using emerging technologies that dazzle and capture the minds of audiences everywhere. Partnering with Foster and Partners and Steven Spielberg, John designed Comcast's next level virtual reality story-telling complex of the future called the Universal Sphere. His conceptualization of the world’s first holographic car race for BMW is yet another example of his unsurpassed skill at artistically integrating new technologies with magical experiences unseen anywhere before. His seemingly unlimited creative talents will distinguish Stan Lee's Location-Based Experiences with never before seen Super Hero experiences.


Curtis Bennett

VP Software Development

Curtis Bennett is an award-winning interactive developer, technical director, and software engineer with extensive experience in game development at top studios such as LEGO, Hasbro, and Riot Games. Well respected for his seminal work in Artificial Intelligent Virtual Characters and AI Personification, Curtis served as Technical Director and Head of Software Development for the first virtual personification of IBM’s Watson Cognizant computer system and helped bring the first commercial application to market. Curtis has also developed and managed projects for a variety of museums, including the Smithsonian and Cooper Hewitt as well as a variety of tech companies, including Intel, Hewlett Packard, General Electric Labs.

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Not Our First Rodeo

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We've worked on over 100 motion pictures and 200 games.

And while not all of those movies were gems, they give us a depth of knowledge and industry acumen that will drive this project forward. We've also worked with many of the most respected and successful writers, directors, and producers in Hollywood and have learned what works and what doesn't from the best.

Between us we have a very respectable pile of Oscars, Emmys, and other notable recognitions that indicate that we know what we're doing, have well-developed connections to the industry, and are a pretty bankable group.

Beyond the movies and games, we've all written scripts and worked at about every cool and not-so-cool job that production offers. Beyond that, Flint and Scott have written numerous highly popular books on game and motion picture production.
Flint's new book "The Gamesmaster" hits the shelves in July.

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Scott's books on movie production

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Flint's books on game production
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