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Our goal is to create fully articulate, virtual characters, that can not only recognize objects and individuals, but are capable of interpreting the facial expressions and body postures that are prime indicators of emotional state.

Our proprietary AI Engine is a hybrid evolution of cognitive-chain neural networks and machine learning that integrates sensor-fusion techniques in a flexible and adaptive human-computer interface.

Marlon Brando
First Celebrity Digital Double

Character creation has come a long way since I made Marlon Brando in the late 80's. What once took weeks and wheelbarrows full of money to accomplish, can now be done in an afternoon with relatively inexpensive gear.

Marlyn Monroe
For a Super Bowl GTE Commercial

Perhaps the most important component of modern virtual characters is their evolution into cognizance, as they increasingly become much more relevant inhabitants of the virtual worlds we are building and our everyday lives.

Tony Robbins*
AI Cognizant Virtual Human

Easily one of the most ambitious projects in both virtual human replication and Cognizant AI, Virtual Tony is scheduled to take over the famed motivational speaker’s workload and provide one-on-one council for his followers.


We are in a magical time with expanding opportunities to connect with audiences in meaningful ways. There are many new approaches to looking at personified AI through lenses that didn’t even exist a year ago. We welcome the chance to work with companies that also believe in this wide-open future.

AI That Innovates

From the first digital celebrity (Marlon Brando) to the hundreds of characters that we’ve made for games, movies and commercials; technology that we helped develop now defines this industry.

Personification of IBM Watson

Sometimes photo-real isn’t the best option. For the first personification of the world’s smartest computer system, (IBM Watson), we went in the opposite direction. We have found that virtual characters are quite often able to convey complicated technical data far better than humans while providing a level of discreet confidentiality that is necessary for frank discussions of sensitive health issues. See for yourself.

AI That Fits Your Lifestyle

We are currently branding our smartwatch app for several of our clients. Compatible with Apple WatchOS, Android, Fitbit, Suunto and others, it is always with you, learning about you and ready when you need it.

AI That Sets Your Product Apart

Our family of AI clinicians provides our clients with the discreet confidentiality necessary for honest and intimate discussions of sensitive health issues while simultaneously formulating a personalized analysis of complicated technical health data into easy-to-understand actionable guidance.

AI That Addresses A Growing Crisis

Our AI Robotic Elder-care program, created in response to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) initiative, is widely regarded as a seminal innovation in the emerging framework of global healthcare.

Oscar Nominated AI Technology

Using AI characters and a machine learning semantics engine, we created a narrative prototyper that could build a scene, block the actors, create camera angles, and edit a complete movie using only an annotated script and some pre-built digital assets.

Historical Precedent

Many of the technologies that we take as commonplace today were in their nascent stages in the early 90’s. This clip from the the popular Beyond 2000 television series is a good example of just how far we’ve come.

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Scott Billups

* Virtual Tony Robbins is a project that I worked on while CTO of Rival Theory